The Apothecary Boys is a personal care and cosmetics company that aims to bridge the gap between the organic offerings of old world personal care and modern day safe synthetics. Founded by myself, Patrick, a laboratory scientist and skin care skeptic, and Cody, a former goo hoarder who once had more cream than Starbucks, we as an odd couple are bringing some science back to skin care. After years of problem skin, unkept promises of rare melon or flower extracts that would solve all skin woes, and a bathroom full of half-used jars and bottles, it was time to take matters into our own hands. Using our combined expertise along with the sage wisdom of Patrick’s mother Jana, a chemist with penchant for the natural world, we have created a line of skin care products based on published academic research using natural ingredients in modern ways.

It is our mission to create skin and personal care products that are safe, simple and above all else, effective.