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The “Don’t Bail On Brunch” Box

So maybe you went out last night, maybe you are feeling rough, and maybe the squad is expecting too much of you by asking you to come out for waffles and mimosas. You know what though? You only live once and you are going to show up looking fresh to death down to the shoes. Let’s walk you through it:

1. Scrub away the skin sins of yesterday and let your face get a fresh start with our Detoxifying French Pink Clay Scrub.

2. Quench that thirsty skin with our scent-free Camellia and Jojoba Face Cream.

3. Instead of piling on the foundation, fix those dark circles with our Rosehip and Vitamin C Revival Eye Cream.

4. Prime yourself for those delicious mimosas with a little naturally flavoured Sweet Orange Lip Balm.


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